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Earlier this week we shared all about the changes we've made to maximize drawer and lower cabinet space in our kitchen. They've been intentional changes specific to our home and lifestyle and every single one has impacted our day to day tremendously and we are excited to share everything that's helped us with you. All items are space friendly, make smart use of space and are either stackable, foldable or have the ability of increasing function in drawers, cabinets and overall space in a home.

We shared all the changes, tour of our cabinets and tips on decluttering here

and are listing all sources for everything we shared below-



1. Bamboo Jar Lids (turn your jars into a child's cup)

2. Small glass jars (use for food prep, individual food storage, and kid's cups)

3. Medium glass jars (use for food prep, individual food storage, and kid's cups)

4. Leakproof jar lids (food prep, stackable)

5. Small food storage containers

6. Food storage canisters for pantry

7. Interlocking drawer organizers (customizable, make your own configuration at home)

8. Buckets

10. Plastic Kitchen Organizer (for lunchboxes)

11. Plastic Kitchen Organizer (for pantry- Choose your size)

10. Foldable lunch totes

11. Slim water bottle (occupies less space than traditional bottles)

12. Stackable lunch containers with dividers

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